Video Photography Editing Marketing

Logos starting at $50

Filming & Video Production for your website

High-definition 1920×1080 digitally delivered for website or YouTube Use

Filming at $50.00 an hour

Production $200 a minute

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About David Mimms Digital

I am a small company doing a lot of digital work.  My typical customer has me creating a few videos for their website or YouTube channel.

I am a videographer, photographer, and can make animated logos.  I help write, film and edit a video which explains, sells or communicates your product or message to your employees and customers.

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Corporate Photography

I photographed a team building event as part of a corporate retreat. I delivered to the company not just a plain old slideshow, but a short movie that had the look and feel of a movie trailer. The company was thrilled with the creativity. I photographed for two hours in the morning, then in between lunch and dinner, edited the movie. We showed the movie that night at dinner. 

Professional Logo Design & Creation

Competitive logo design for business or personal use.  Prices starting at $50.00.

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Animated Logo Design

Take your logo one step further with an animated logo for your website.

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Corporate Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel is an animated calling card for your company.  Be seen and heard loud and clear with a professional corporate calling card.

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Real Estate Photography

Need photographs taken for a home on the market or a vacation rental?  Professional photography to help “sell” your real estate.

Video Photography Editing Marketing